5 Car Technologies We’re Likely to See in the Future

There are constant innovations being made in the world of technology and that certainly is true where cars are concerned. There are many exciting new technologies on the horizon that will help to improve safety and make the driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Below are 5 car technologies we’re likely to see in the future.

Energy-storing car body panels

Electric cars are becoming more commonplace on the road all the time. Because of this manufactures are looking for ways they can power them more efficiently in order to reduce the size of their batteries, which are often heavy and expensive to produce.

Multiple auto manufacturers across Europe are currently testing technology that would allow the body panels on their cars to store energy that could then be used by the battery to power the car. The energy would be created by things such as regenerative breaking or when the car is plugged in overnight.

Insurance providers are also taking an interest in this new technology including the fleet insurance market where this new technology can have a bearing on the fleet premiums.

AR dashboards

Augmented Reality dashboards are another innovation we’re likely to see in the future. Many cars already have technology such as built-in sat navs and touchscreen entertainment consoles on the dashboard but AR dashboards would represent a significant leap forward.

One example of how useful an AR dashboard could be is that when the sat nav system is indicating where you need to turn, instead of it simply displaying on the screen of the device, the actual road could be highlighted so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road.

Voice commands

Voice commands are another technology that already exist in certain cars but their usage is quite limited. In the future it’s very likely that you’ll be able to make much more complicated voice commands, such as telling your car to locate the nearest car park or planning out the best route for an upcoming journey.

Custom designed vehicles

3D printing technology has been in the news a lot over the last few years. While it hasn’t quite taken over in the way some predicted it’s still a very new technology and easily grow in popularity in the coming years. One area where 3D printing could be used to benefit motorists is by enabling the possibility of custom designed cars, where the buyer would choose how they want their car to look down to the finest details.

Although this certainly wouldn’t be affordable for everyone, at least not at first, it would allow for all types of interesting cars to find their way onto the roads.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars already existed and have been tested heavily over the last few years in all sorts of conditions. Although they’re not yet currently available to buy, this likely to change in the near future as the benefits, such as improved safety and the ability to share cars with other road users will become more apparent.