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Taxi drivers are part of a particular automotive service industry that benefits greatly from the advantages that taxi insurance has to offer. Anyone who needs to transport strangers constantly will rest easy knowing that any of the incidents they could be implicated in are covered by their insurance company.

Making Sure You Are Covered

There are four general types of taxi insurance that are available for the taxi driver, and a responsible driver should be sure that he has all of them covered. There are very few reasons why a taxi driver should skip out on any of the insurance policies presented below- especially since a minimum level of specialized insurance is already required by law.

Types Of Taxi Insurance

  • Third Party Only - The lowest legally-allowed insurance obligation that a taxi driver is obliged to make is third party insurance. This may be the cheapest type of insurance but it cannot be expected to cover the personal damages and other important costs relating to taxi driving incidents that may occur.
  • Breakdown Recovery - An absolute must for taxi drivers, breakdown recovery offers support when your vehicle breaks down. Considering the amount of driving that the average taxi driver must do in comparison with motorists in general, this is too valuable an insurance policy to pass up.
  • Public Liability - Every motorist must have some level of public liability coverage. The greater your coverage, the more it will cost - but you will win out in the end, should you ever find yourself in the position to be liable for damages in a court of law.
  • Comprehensive Coverage - By far the best type of insurance coverage for taxi drivers, comprehensive coverage offers insurance that will cover all types of road incidents and accidents, whether the driver is liable or not. This allows the driver to make claims for theft, vandalism, and even random natural events.

Choosing Your Insurance Plan

Going out onto the road with inadequate insurance is too risky a proposal to condone. Even though a comprehensive plan that covers everything might seem expensive, it easily pays for itself after even a single incident covered.

Since taxi drivers spend so much more time on the road than other motorists, it is absolutely recommended that they get the highest level of taxi insurance possible, since it is only a matter of time before a claim needs to be made.

When you drive a taxi for a living, whether it's a minicab, black cab or any other type of vehicle, it's essential that you get a good insurance policy that will cover you for all the risks you face on the road. A good taxi insurance policy will not only provide protection for collisions but also other risks such as theft and breakdowns.

If you're looking for a taxi insurance policy at an affordable rate then the good news is that it's now easier than ever to get quotes for taxi insurance. Before you get your quotes though, it's a good idea to read through the information below so you are aware of the different types of cover that are available and are therefore able to make a fully informed decision.

Types of Taxi Insurance

There are two main types of taxi insurance available – private hire and public hire. Below is an explanation of each.

  • Public hire – Public hire taxis can be hailed from the street and booked in advance. They can also display a 'taxi' sign on the vehicle. Public hire taxis typically cost more to insure since the risks are greater.
  • Private hire – Private hire taxis can only be pre-booked in advance and cannot display a 'taxi' sign on the outside of the vehicle. Because the risks are lower with private hire taxis, they usually cost less to insure.

Cover Options

  • Third party – Third party insurance will enable you to drive your taxi legally. As the name suggests, it only covers third parties for accidents that you're liable for. Whilst the protection for your own vehicle is minimal, third party cover does provide a very affordable option for insuring your taxi.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide full cover for all types of collisions, even those that you're liable for. Comprehensive insurance is always recommended for taxi drivers as it provides you with the best level of cover possible and usually includes fire and theft as standard.
  • Public liability – It's a legal requirement for taxi drivers to have public liability insurance. It will provide cover for any liability claims you might face as a result of negligence on your part. Liability claims are at an all-time high so having public liability insurance is vital.
  • Breakdown assistance – When you make your living from your vehicle, having reliable breakdown assistance is an absolute must. Most insurance providers will be able to offer breakdown assistance as part of your policy for a very competitive price so even if you already have cover in place, it's still worth enquiring about it as you might be able to save a good deal of money.
  • Personal injury – It's an unfortunate reality that driving a taxi for a living can be hazardous. There's always the possibility of dealing with drunk or belligerent passengers. If you were to be injured or suffer mental trauma whilst on the job then personal injury insurance would compensate you.
  • Loss of licence – If you were to lose your licence for a period of time and were unable to work, this type of cover would provide compensation until your licence was reinstated. This is of course a hugely beneficial type of cover to get and whilst you might not think you'd need it now, if you found yourself in such a situation you'll be extremely glad you have it.
  • Windscreen and glass repair – Another useful type of additional cover is windscreen and glass repair. Repairing racked windows can be fairly costly so it's always useful to have it covered in your policy.

The Benefits of Taxi Insurance

There are many benefits that come with getting your insurance through an online provider. These include -

  • A highly customised policy
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Expert advice
  • Easy claims process
  • Instant documentation
  • Flexible payment methods

Another key benefit of getting taxi insurance online is that it's a lot easier to obtain quotes. This is always useful as getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money.

Ways to Save Money

  • Pay annually – As with most things nowadays, the more you pay upfront, the less you'll pay overall. This applies to insurance policies too so if you're able to pay for your policy annually rather than monthly, it's a great way to save in the long run.
  • Secure your vehicle – Insurance providers will take into account how secure your vehicle is when providing you with a quote so you should take every step you can to make it secure. This means having an alarm and central locking as well as parking your vehicle securely.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting multiple quotes is easily the most reliable way to save money on taxi insurance. By getting a lot of quotes from different insurance providers, you'll know exactly how good a deal you're offered is.

Getting Quotes is Easy

Since getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money on taxi insurance, it makes sense to do it in the easiest way possible. The old fashioned way to get quotes would be to call different insurance providers individually. Whilst there are some benefits to this such as being able to have your questions answered immediately, it's also very time consuming and you'll often be given the hard sell.

Luckily there's a much easier option and this is getting your quotes online. When getting your quotes online, you avoid the time and headache associated with contacting separate insurance providers yourself. By clicking the red button below you can get get quotes from a panel of taxi insurance specialists. All you have to do is provide a little bit of information about your insurance needs and you'll then have access to your quotes. It's that easy!

Several taxi drivers operate within their own automobile, but when they attempt to achieve this on regular car insurance they’ll soon take impossible to get a pay and trouble out when they claim. Specialist insurance is essential for taxi drivers.

What exactly would be the differences between taxi insurance and easy car insurance?
The price

However, taxi insurance is costly than regular car insurance. Insurance is definitely centered on chance, as well as miles and the hours on the highway taxi drivers place in means they're merely more prone to be engaged within an incident, therefore the price rises.

Taxis’ trend to become big enough to transport a good quantity of guests places them in the more costly end of this size too whilst the price of insurance is partially based on how big the automobile. Here is another multiquote taxi insurance device to obtain the very best price and address.

That is an additional you won’t find in common motor insurance. Taxis are community hire, or both private hire, known as minicabs or hackney carriages. While a public hire license allows the driver to get in the road a personal hire car should be arranged ahead of time. The insurance you've should reflect the type of work you are doing.
Kinds of insurance
Within these two broad groups you will find different quantities of specialized taxi insurance. Plan called for any driver guidelines and just one cab driver allows one to generate your taxi driver is only will be the pleasant and inexpensive address and it is probably the most expensive of all of them.

The exact same degrees of address you discover in regular car insurance also use – totally complete to 3rd party.

Breakdown cover

Wearing down inside your vehicle is just a pain within the neck. Wearing down inside your cab begins to set you back as soon as the motor grinds into a halt. Private Hire Taxi insurance could offer breakdown cover that'll incorporate a fully-certified alternative taxi so you may continue working immediately.


Taxi insurance includes unlimited individual liability cover. This implies should you have a collision you then may be protected inside your car who's injured for anybody. Your license may set the number of guests you are able to bring with a control and you have to make sure your taxi insurance includes hide to that number.

You may be in danger for statements for injury due to your negligence when you are a company. That is public liability insurance which is a function of some taxi insurance plans. You'll need to spend additional, as well as the numbers within the address may not sound small, however the harm a legitimate claim against you can trigger is potentially devastating.


Just about all insurance plans include mileage limits. Taxi drivers do, although personal individuals rarely have to consider these limitations. Search for unlimited usage guidelines or verify the limitations that use won't affect your projects.

Personal use

Many taxi insurance will protect individuals if they will work or utilizing their cab for personal use, however it is something which you need to check. The license from your own local authority may place limitations on who are able to generate a registered cab, don’t purchase address you can’t use and therefore make sure to verify that.

The smartphone is changing the way we do so many things. Now the taxi industry is getting in on the act, with apps that can bring a taxi cruising round the corner at your command.

It’s quite a natural match. Smartphones almost all have GPS location systems on them and internet mapping is now very accurate. Rather than having to call a cab or the cab driver having to rely on driving past a hailing passenger, the apps simply put together someone who wants a taxi and a taxi that’s free – perfect!

The biggest of these aps, Hailo, which was set up by a conglomeration of black cab drivers and internet money men, takes £600,000 a week in London, just one of the nine cities it operates in. That cash is made as a 10% cut on the fares it sets up.

So what are the pros and cons – for drivers and passengers – of this hi-tech hailing system?

Customer Pros

1 – Convenience

Standing in the rain waiting for a taxi is no fun. Especially when it’s just on the off-chance and you’re exhausted, freezing or soaking wet.

A taxi app will produce a cab, ‘as if by magic’, the driver knows where you are and just drives to pick you up.

2 – Discrimination

Some of the most enthusiastic users of taxi apps are wheelchair users who sometimes have a problem getting picked up by passing cabs.

With apps, they can ‘hail’ a cab and be accepted as a fare without having to reveal any disability. It’s a shame that anyone should have to resort to anonymising themselves to get proper service, but it’s a real world win.

3 – Traceability and safety

A number of recent high profile cases have involved rogue taxi drivers assaulting customers, often lone women. In all honesty, lots of us use taxis when we’re not in the best condition, and we are potentially vulnerable in that state. Taxi apps record the transaction with a named driver, everything can be traced, so safety is increased.

4 – Cost and choice

Hailing in the street is a Hobson’s choice and few of us have the time to properly research the taxi market every time we need a ride.

Some taxi apps are now aggregating quotes from a number of companies to give customers the best choice and the best price. Others are branching out to include luxury hire at the touch of a button.

Driver Pros

1 – More business

Taking to the streets looking for a fare is a chancy way to make a living. Taxi drivers in London using Hailo report four or five extra jobs a day as a result of using the ap. In down time, jobs come to the driver.

Customer Cons

1 – Lack of choice

Although more choice is now a feature of some taxi aps, the fact is you are limited to the drivers and companies who have signed up with the ap that you use.

2 – Cost

With the app developers taking a cut of the fare, it’s likely that drivers and taxi companies will want to put up fares as a result – it’s an extra cost that will be passed on to customers. It’s just another way of saving besides cutting insurance costs with online taxi insurance comparison sites such as

Driver Cons

1 – Lack of choice

Taxi driving can be a risky business – especially late at night on Friday and Saturdays. Independence and the choice of who you allow in your cab is one of the great advantages of working as a licensed cab driver. There are potential risks with picking up unseen fares.

It seems likely that taxi apps will only grow in popularity, hopefully in time the pros will increase and the cons vanish.

If done with adequate research, the purchase of a taxi insurance policy can save you a lot of money over time. This is especially true due to the nature of the taxi business, in which eventual claims (whether your fault or not) are almost inevitable.

For most customers, finding an adequate insurance policy requires the use of a taxi insurance comparison service app. Rather than visiting individual taxi insurance companies and getting quotes, rates and aggressive sales pitches directly from the company, you can simply browse at your own leisure and choose the company that seems to offer you the best deal.

Benefits Of Taxi Insurance Comparison Services

 There are many reasons to use a comparison service as described above, the most significant being:

  • You can save time;
  • You can save money;
  • Comparing prices lets you choose the best policy;
  • You can get exactly the coverage you need;
  • No aggressive sales tactics necessary.

 As anyone who has set foot inside the offices of a taxi insurance company knows, the salesmen and women present can get a little bit more than pushy when it comes to making sure you leave with a policy. Most clients would rather escape that feeling of obligation and simply shop around for the best policy: a comparison service makes this possible. If you have more than one taxi there is also the option of insuring as a fleet policy which can save you money and make the administration easier.

Terms To Compare Between Insurance Policies

 Apart from standard information such as the monthly premium of the policy, there are some other very important factors to keep in mind when comparing insurance policies. One of them should be the flexibility of payment options.

For instance, if it is possible to pay in advance for your premium, this may represent a useful option for many taxi drivers whose businesses fluctuate seasonally. It might make more sense to pay for your premium when the going is good and know that in the dry season you have one less thing to worry about.

Other terms to consider include fleet coverage– it is often cheaper and simpler to cover a company’s fleet of taxis than it is to cover each one individually. When you are comparing insurance policies, you may want to explore this option as well as the many others that will be available to you. Between these, you are sure to find a reasonable and affordable taxi insurance policy that will help you make a decent living.