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5 Things That Affect The Cost of Car Insurance

Paying for car insurance is something that most people don’t relish, but the fact is it’s necessary to make your car road legal.

The cost of car insurance depends on a few different factors. When insurance providers come up with the cost for your policy, they consider how likely you are to make a claim as well as how much they’d need to pay if you did.

With this in mind, below are 5 of the main things that will affect what you pay for car insurance.

Your age

Age is certainly a big factor when it comes to the cost of insurance. New drivers in their late teens/early twenties will pay the most for car insurance, simply because they’re the group most likely to be involved in an accident. Once you get over 30, insurance prices should gradually reduce, providing you don’t make many claims or get convictions…


If you have any criminal convictions, including driving convictions, then you can expect to pay more for insurance. Insurance providers consider those with convictions to be high risk and therefore set the price of cover higher. Penalty points and disqualifications are part of your driving licence information and something insurance providers will certainly take into account.

There are many types of driving convictions you can get, but speeding convictions are the most common. All speeding convictions fall under the SP category of driving conviction codes, for example an SP50 conviction means you were caught speeding on the motorway. You can get SP50 insurance from specialist providers in this case.

The value of your car

The value of your car is another big thing that will determine how much your insurance costs. If you take out a fully comprehensive policy, then insurance providers have to consider what it would cost to replace your vehicle if it were written off.

The level of cover you take out

The level of cover you take out will have a big impact on what you pay too. The cheapest level of cover you can get is a third party only policy. This won’t provide any protection for your vehicle, but it will make it legal to drive. Extras such as windscreen repair, breakdown cover and legal fees can all bump up the cost too.

Where your car is parked

This is a big one since it goes a long way to determining how likely your vehicle is to be targeted by vandals and thieves. If you have a locked garage, then this is ideal and you would pay considerably less than someone who parks their car on the street or on an easily accessible driveway.


The Best Ways to Keep Your Minibus Safe

If you own a minibus then need to take any steps you can to make it safe and secure. Unfortunately because minibuses are quite expensive vehicles, they can be targeted by thieves but luckily there are steps you can take in order to deter them.

With this in mind below are some of the best ways to keep your minibus safe.

Park it securely

One of the best ways to keep your minibus safe is by parking it securely when you’re not using it. The ideal scenario would be to have a locked garage to keep it in. Failing this then a driveway would be another good option. Unfortunately parking it on the street will make it much more likely to be vandalized or stolen.

Keep windows closed

Another tip to keep your minibus secure is to make sure all windows are properly closed one you exit it. Open windows can easily attract unwanted attention and cause your minibus to be broken into, especially if there are any expensive contents left on display.

Get the right type of insurance

Getting the right type of insurance for your minibus is essential. This will not only make your vehicle road legal but it will ensure you’re protected if your vehicle is stolen or you’re involved in a collision and your vehicle needs repairs. You can choose what level of roads risks cover you want to get for your minibus from the usual options. You can also add things like public liability insurance and breakdown assistance too.

You can easily get multiple quotes from Clean Green Compare Minibus Insurance

Install a Thatcham alarm

If you want to make your minibus extra secure then you should consider investing in a Thatcham alarm. Although they don’t come cheap they are some of the best alarms on the market and will certainly help to protect your vehicle from vandals and thieves.

Install a GPS tracker

A security device that a lot of people don’t consider using is a GPS tracker. If you vehicle were to be stolen then having a GPS tracker installed would mean you could track it in real time and recover it with the help of the police.

Use a dash cam

A dash cam can be invaluable if you’re involved in a collision with another motorist and it isn’t clear who’s to blame. Many insurance providers now offer discounts to dash cam users so it’s worth investing in one for that reason alone.

Motor Trade Insurance Explained

If you work in the motor trade then you’ll need to get cover for your business for risks such as accidents, liability claims and theft/loss of tools/cash etc.

Motor trade insurance will provide cover for these risks and allow you to operate your business legally and with peace of mind.

Below is a guide to motor trade insurance that explains the different types of cover available.

Types of motor trade insurance

  • Road risks – Road risks insurance is something every motor trade business must have. It will enable to work on and transport customer vehicles as required. You can choose from third party only; third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover.
  • Public liability insurance – Public liability insurance is a must when you run a motor trade business. Liability claims could come from a customer or member of public and could potentially be devastating if you don’t have the right cover in place.
  • Employers’ liability insurance – If you have employees then you’re legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance of at least £5 million. You can get this included in your policy with any reputable insurance provider.
  • Legal expenses – In addition to getting cover for liability claims you can also get legal expenses including in your policy. This is very handy if you want to fight a liability claim in court – something that can become expensive very quickly.
  • Part time traders insurance – If you only work in the motor trade on a part time basis then you can get a part time motor trade insurance policy that covers you only for the period of time you require.

Saving money on motor trade insurance

  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting a lot of quotes is essential if you want to save money on motor trade insurance. When you have quotes from many different insurance providers you can easily compare them to each other and choose the one that offers the best value for money.  You can get traders insurance at
  • Pay annually – Another way to save money on motor trade insurance is by paying for the policy annually. Most insurance providers will give you a good discount for doing this.
  • Make your premises secure – If you get a combined motor trade insurance policy that also covers your premises then insurance providers will certainly take how secure it is into account. Therefore you should take whatever steps you can to improve security if you want to save money.

A Guide to Small Fleet Insurance

Every vehicle in the UK is required to have insurance by law. Most people don’t like paying for insurance but there are ways you can make things cheaper and more convenient. One such way is by getting a small fleet insurance policy.

Small fleet insurance is something that both business and families can benefit from. It enables you to insure multiple vehicles under one policy, making things easier to manage and often considerably cheaper too.

Below is some information on small fleet insurance as well as some ways to save money.

For families

Many people think of fleet insurance as something that’s reserved for business but in truth small fleet insurance cover is something that families can benefit from too. Some insurance providers allow you to get a fleet policy for as few as 2 vehicles so don’t worry if you think you don’t have enough vehicles to qualify.

With a family fleet policy you can get all your family vehicles insured together. This can be very beneficial for younger drivers in your family who might not be able to find affordable cover on their own. You can choose from the usual cover options with a small fleet policy i.e. third party only; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive. A lot of insurance providers will also give you the option of adding breakdown cover to the policy.

For businesses

When you’re taking out a small fleet policy for a business then you’re going to have different insurance needs compared to families. You’ll still need road risks cover of course but you’ll also need to think about additional cover options such as goods in transit, breakdown assistance, liability claims, vehicle replacement etc.

Ways to save money

Below are some excellent ways you can save money on small fleet insurance –

  • Pay for the policy upfront – Paying for your small fleet policy annually as opposed to monthly is a very good way to save money. It’s true you pay more initially but you’re rewarded for this with a good discount with most insurance providers.
  • Make your vehicles secure – You should also take any steps you can to make the vehicles in your fleet more secure if you want to keep insurance costs down. This might include using GPS trackers, alarms, immobilizers, parking securely etc.
  • Shop around – It is of course important to get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers when you want to save money on your fleet cover too.



Keeping a Thatched Roof Property Safe

If you own a thatched roof property then you want to be sure that it’s both safe to live in and safe from potential intruders.

Below are some of the best ways to accomplish this.

Get an alarm

One of the best security devices you can invest in for your property is a security alarm. Just the presence of an alarm box alone is often enough to deter any potential burglars. If you do get an alarm then be sure to get one from a reputable vendor and have it installed by a professional. You can get alarms that will automatically alert the police if they’re triggered.

If your property is listed then it’s worth contacting the council to see if it would be a problem to have an alarm installed since anything that affects the appearance of a listed building might be an issue.

Get the right type of insurance

Another way to properly protect a thatched roof property is by getting the right type of insurance. You can get thatched roof property insurance quotes from sites such as who allow you to compare thatched property insurance.

It’s essential to get cover from a specialist provider when you have a thatched property since it will ensure that you’re fully covered for all major risks, including having the roof rebuilt/repaired if it were to be damaged or destroyed by fire.

You can also get contents cover for your thatched roof property as well as unoccupied property insurance if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time.

Use security lighting

Security lighting is an inexpensive yet very effective way to help keep your property safe at night. Security lights are generally triggered by movement so they’ll come on automatically if anyone walks in front of them. Having security devices such as security lighting and an alarm also comes with the added bonus of lowering your insurance rates.

Make maintenance a priority

The points above have focused on keeping your property safe from intruders and making sure it’s covered if the worst were to happen. However you also need to take steps to make your thatched property safe to live in.

The main things you need to have maintained and inspected on a regular basis are the roof and the chimney. The chimney will need cleaning at least once a year if you use it regularly as soot will quickly build up in the flue.

In addition to this you should also have a thorough electrical inspection carried out when you first move into the property.