Incredible Car Security Systems

By investing in a good car security system, you can save on your insurance premiums including fleet insurance cover, taxi insurance and of course private car insurance.

Below are some great examples currently available.

BMW Assist and Security Plus

BMW Assist is the German manufacturer’s own version of OnStar and offers many of the features that made it so popular, including remote door unlocking, automatic collision detection and access to a BMW response specialist. It can also help you to recover a stolen vehicle as BMW claims it will work on your behalf to recover the vehicle using the GPS tracking data.

Security Plus provides an added level of security as means the vehicle has Class 6 bullet proof body and glass. Although a lot of people would consider this unnecessary it is a pretty cool feature nonetheless.

Commando FM-870

It simple terms the Commando FM-870 is a high-end keychain pager. Although most new cars come with a keychain pager that enables you to lock and unlock the doors of your car from a distance, you need to be fairly close to your vehicle for them to work.

The Commando FM-870 works from a distance of 2,500 feet and not only enables you to lock and unlock the doors but also to start the engine remotely. It will also alert you if there’s forced entry or an unexpected engine start up. It retails for $169.99.

Cobra 8510

The Cobra 8510 is an immobilizer made by UK company Cobra. They sell all kinds of car accessories but if your key concern is security then the Cobra 8510 is certainly worth considering. It works in the same way as other immobilizers – by shutting down certain aspects of the engine, which makes it almost impossible for any thieves to start the car without having the key.

When you purchase the 8510 you get 2 keys to help you disable the system. An attractive thing about immobilizers, including the 8510, is that they are a very affordable security measure, especially when compared to a lot of other forms of car security tech.


As you may have guessed from the name, VINshield is referring to the unique number that each new car is assigned, call the Vehicle Identity Number.

Most cars will have the VIN in one place, usually around the dashboard or in the opening of the front doors. The trouble is that the VIN is not particularly hard to get around for carjackers who would want to chop a car up and sell it for parts. VINshield aims to provide a solution to this problem.

By providing you with a special kit, it enables you to etch the VIN of your vehicle onto all the windows. This would make it much more difficult for thieves to sell your car on or get rid of the parts.