The Best Ways to Keep Your Minibus Safe

If you own a minibus then need to take any steps you can to make it safe and secure. Unfortunately because minibuses are quite expensive vehicles, they can be targeted by thieves but luckily there are steps you can take in order to deter them.

With this in mind below are some of the best ways to keep your minibus safe.

Park it securely

One of the best ways to keep your minibus safe is by parking it securely when you’re not using it. The ideal scenario would be to have a locked garage to keep it in. Failing this then a driveway would be another good option. Unfortunately parking it on the street will make it much more likely to be vandalized or stolen.

Keep windows closed

Another tip to keep your minibus secure is to make sure all windows are properly closed one you exit it. Open windows can easily attract unwanted attention and cause your minibus to be broken into, especially if there are any expensive contents left on display.

Get the right type of insurance

Getting the right type of insurance for your minibus is essential. This will not only make your vehicle road legal but it will ensure you’re protected if your vehicle is stolen or you’re involved in a collision and your vehicle needs repairs. You can choose what level of roads risks cover you want to get for your minibus from the usual options. You can also add things like public liability insurance and breakdown assistance too.

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Install a Thatcham alarm

If you want to make your minibus extra secure then you should consider investing in a Thatcham alarm. Although they don’t come cheap they are some of the best alarms on the market and will certainly help to protect your vehicle from vandals and thieves.

Install a GPS tracker

A security device that a lot of people don’t consider using is a GPS tracker. If you vehicle were to be stolen then having a GPS tracker installed would mean you could track it in real time and recover it with the help of the police.

Use a dash cam

A dash cam can be invaluable if you’re involved in a collision with another motorist and it isn’t clear who’s to blame. Many insurance providers now offer discounts to dash cam users so it’s worth investing in one for that reason alone.